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I have rediscovered my love of photography after a long break. I owned a Praktica MTL5 B for many years which is a fully manual SLR. I thank this basic camera for teaching me about how to create images and control what you see.

I tried a digital bridge camera for a while, but slow operation and poor viewfinder frustrated me, this coupled with the inability to change the lens meant that it wasn't going to cut it long term. I just wanted something that had the usability and flexibility of an SLR. I always intended buying a DSLR because I knew that I needed to re-connect with photography properly at some point. I currently use a Nikon D750, and now that I have found my way around it I am more connected to just getting the picture. I don't have to think my way around it too much.

Years ago, a friend of my fathers introduced me to medium format cameras, the beauty and detail that they produced has stuck with me and always wanted to try and work in that style of film photography. I now have a Hasselblad 500c/m film camera. It is kind of the best of both worlds, being able to scan my own negatives and digitally process the files, yet still getting the warmth that film can produce. I am planning to add to my site with a gallery of 6x6 shots with this camera.

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